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Blockade Runner Pickups: September 3rd – 10th

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So I’ve been getting kinda into Lego recently…

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Blockade Runner Pickups: Force Friday II edition


This Force Friday was ridic; so much good stuff. This is my haul from just two stores :-O

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The Blockade Runner Podcast Episode 6 – Headspace


Show Notes:

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Ryan and John catch up on recent Star War news including the Episode VIII delay, new Lego Star Wars games and shows, the Star Wars Headspace album, a newly announced BB-8 toy, and the unfortunate passing of Jocasta Nu actress Alena McGrath. In the second half of the show Ryan discusses his history with Star Wars.

Clips from GTA’s “Help Me!” and Rick Rubin’s “NR-G7” from the Star Wars Headspace album are featured in this episode.

Intro and outro music for The Blockade Runner is “Hedonism” by Ash.