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Building (or Rebuilding) a Collection of 3.75″ Star Wars Figures


Ah, the 3.75″ Star Wars figures. For many, they represent the cornerstone of their collections, their introduction to collecting, and maybe even their youth. If you want a history lesson on the origins of the figures, and to see why they’re so important to so many fans, check out the Star Wars episode of Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us.

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Goodbye Ghost Crew – The Blockade Runner Podcast – March 10th, 2018

Goodbye Ghost CrewIn this latest episode of the Blockade Runner Podcast, John and Dan bid farewell to Star Wars Rebels as the show’s four season run comes to a close. We look specifically at Rebels’s final three weeks (in a detailed, SPOILER FILLED discussion) and weigh in on some of the more controversial choices made by Dave Filoni and the rest of the creatives at Lucasfilm.


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