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The Mid-90s Fandom Vibes of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine

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I recently purchased a lot of random Star Wars magazines, and included were a few issues of Galaxy, a magazine that was totally new to me. Published by Topps (the trading card company), Galaxy came in at the tail end of the 90s comic book boom, and ran for 13 issues from 1994 to 1997. The magazine differentiates itself from Insider by having less of a focus on the films and more on the EU and collecting.

Let’s take a look at issue 3!

Is there anything more mid-90s than (not quite) Pogs?
Don’t let Brandon from Talking Bay 94 buy these.
There’s a lot happening in this article about a Star Wars original art collector.
The cover artist for this issue was a 22 year old named Jae Lee (who continues to do amazing work today)!
Eisner Award winner (and frequent Neil Gaiman collaborator) Colleen Doran provides art for a short story in this issue.
The story also includes all of the info you need to add these characters to your SWTTRPG!
There’s a small section on video games, including a rare behind the scenes look at the SNES Star Wars trilogy!
A Star Wars magazine with a focus on collecting would not be complete without an article by Steve Sansweet.
And finally, well, good luck explaining this one to your kids.

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One thought on “The Mid-90s Fandom Vibes of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine

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