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Blockade Runner Podcast – Matt Mickelson Han Solo Fan Film Interview


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Show Notes:

This episode features an interview I did with Han Solo fan filmmaker Matt Mickelson back in September of 2016. Matt has been working on a Han Solo movie with his daughters and posting episodes online over the past few years, and he’s preparing to release an updated, complete cut soon. We talked a bit about making Star Wars fan films, sharing Star Wars with his daughters, Han Solo in The Force Awakens, and a few other Star Wars-related topics. Unfortunately we thought the audio for the interview was lost due to a technical malfunction, but Matt recently sent me a salvaged file. I sound pretty rough (but listenable), but Matt sounds great and he’s the one with interesting commentary this time around anyway. The interview isn’t exactly current (we’re looking forward to¬†Rouge One, for instance), but most of the topics aren’t super time-sensitive and now’s a great time to check out our discussion since Matt’s Han Solo film is set to release online soon.


Matt’s YouTube page