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The Shadow of Shadows of the Empire Looms Large in Star Wars Galaxy Issue 9

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As I continue to read through a recently purchased lot of 90s Star Wars magazines, I can’t help but share some of the weird/cool/ridiculous stuff I come across. Issue 9 of Galaxy has a big Shadows of the Empire focus, which is not terribly surprising considering the time of its publication (Fall 1996).

Of course, the prequels overshadow everything. Can you imagine LFL responding to rumors in this manner now?
But not even the prequels are a match for Xizor’s pheromones…
…or Dash Rendar’s raw testosterone unleashed.
Coruscant here looking like a Final Fantasy VIII Garden.
What is Doug Chiang’s greatest Star Wars accomplishment and why is it The Outrider?
Wholesome weird Alan Moore content.
Steve Sansweet article about Star Wars cereal…
…complete with a three-page price guide. Welcome to the 90s baby.
Shadows of the Empire author Steve Perry talking about hanging out on AOL.
True in 1996, still true today.

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One thought on “The Shadow of Shadows of the Empire Looms Large in Star Wars Galaxy Issue 9

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