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Blockade Runner Pickups: Force Friday II edition


This Force Friday was ridic; so much good stuff. This is my haul from just two stores :-O

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Force Friday II: Toys, Books, Porgs – The Blockade Runner Podcast – September 2nd, 2017

Force Friday II Ep Art

Ryan and John discuss a bounty of Star Wars toys, books, porgs, and more on Saturday, August 2nd (otherwise forever known as the day following Force Friday II!). Join us as we breakdown our pre-Force Friday II expectations, share a bit of footage from the line at our local Toys ‘R Us (video version only), recount our favorite purchases, and even take a quick look at a few interesting pages from some Journey to the Last Jedi books!


Listen: Click on the image or link below.

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The Blockade Runner Podcast Episode 1

So excited to finally post the inaugural episode of The Blockade Runner podcast! Expect monthly episodes along with occasional bonus shows. In fact, it’s a safe bet that our first bonus episode will launch next week alongside the strongly-rumored trailer for The Force Awakens.

Download episode 1 here!


Show notes:

Welcome to The Blockade Runner, a monthly podcast about all things Star Wars produced and hosted by a core crew of longtime fans and friends. On our first episode we discuss some of our personal history with Star Wars, the new novel Lost Stars, some of our favorite under-publicized TFA merchandise, and more.

Intro and outro music in The Blockade Runner is “Hedonism” by Ash.