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Not Telling You What To Do With Your Toys – The Blockade Runner Podcast #173

Ryan and John discuss the Star Wars Hunters announcement, an update on Rian Johnson’s future Star Wars films, LFL’s clarification that Cara Dune will not be recast, and E.K. Johnston’s upcoming Padme book Queen’s Hope.


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Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy & Live Action Star Wars TV Show Announced Plus Battlefront II! – The Blockade Runner Podcast – November 18th, 2017

Rian Johnson Trilogy Cover

Ryan and John discuss Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars Trilogy, Lucasfilm’s live action Star Wars tv show, and our time so far with Battlefront 2! We consider what’s most likely for the trilogy and tv shows before jumping into what we’d actually like to see. Plus Ryan shares his impressions of the Battlefront 2 campaign and we share our take on the EA/Battlefront 2 micro transactions controversy.



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Show Links: Rian Johnson To Create All-New Star Wars Trilogy

MarketWatch: Disney to Charge “Substantially” Less Than Netflix for Streaming, Plans New Star Wars Content

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