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Where’s Rose?, NYCC, and Kevin Feige and the Future of Star Wars Films – The Blockade Runner Podcast #125

BR 125 CoverThis episode features the second half of our conversation last week (too big to be contained in just one show!). We begin by discussing the lack of Rose Tico in TROS products and promotion before looking at the publishing announcements from NYCC 2019. We wrap the show up with some talk of the Kevin Feige news and what it may mean for the future of the Star Wars films.



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Where’s Rose?

A Million New Characters in Cardboard Standee Form

NYCC 2019

The Future of Star Wars Films

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Celebrating What We Love: Rose Tico & Kelly Marie Tran (with special guest Laura Sirikul) – The Blockade Runner Podcast #69

BR 69 Cover Final

All of us here at The Blockade Runner were horrified to hear last week that Kelly Marie Tran left Instagram/social media seemingly as a result of the disgusting harassment she’s been facing since she was cast in The Last Jedi. Inspired by Rose’s statement to save what we love instead of only fighting what we hate, we decided to put together an episode celebrating Rose and Kelly Marie Tran herself. Luckily the wonderful Laura Sirikul agreed to join us for this one, and we’re so glad she did! Laura has been a fan of Rose and Kelly since Lucasfilm first announced the character’s involvement in The Last Jedi; she’s the first fan to cosplay as Rose and has met Kelly Marie Tran too, so she’s the perfect person to help us celebrate one of the best parts of one of the best Star Wars movies! We start out by addressing the harassment and cruelty that toxic Star Wars fans (or whatever they are) have been spewing at Kelly Marie Tran, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson in response to The Last Jedi before discussing some of the positive and inspiring reactions from the fan community. Then we spend the rest of the episode exploring the qualities and characteristics that make both Rose and Kelly Marie Tran such incredible new additions to the Star Wars universe.

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