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New Droid Army Same As The Old Droid Army – The Blockade Runner Podcast #174

Much Star Wars video game talk on this episode as we cover the Republic Commando and Star Wars Pinball VR announcements as well as Ryan’s decision to buy a $5 copy of The New Droid Army for Game Boy Advance. We also talk the Bad Batch and respond to a great listener message on the tempation of the dark side in The High Republic.


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Zen Studios’ Star Wars Pinball – The Blockade Runner Podcast #121

BR 121 Cover

This week’s episode is all about Star Wars video games. We kick off the episode by disucssing the recently announced Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy console ports before devoting the rest of the show to taking a look at the recently released and completely excellent Star Wars Pinball package for Switch. We originally planned on discussing the many Rise of Skywalker toy leaks that have been happening lately, but there was just too much pinball to talk this week so we’re saving that discussion for episode 122.



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Blockade Runner Pickups: August 21st – August 27


The Jedi Master’s Quizbook

After the incredibly entertaining episode of Blast Points, I HAD to get a copy of Rusty Miller’s Star Wars trivia book.

Entertainment Weekly Magazine

I don’t typically buy multiple covers of magazines, but I couldn’t resist with these; they just make such a great pair.

Light week for Star Wars pickups; the calm before the Force Friday II storm… 


X-Wing MicroKite

My pickups are pretty light this week as I’m mostly waiting in anticipation for Force Friday II, but I did find a couple of little deals at my local Meijer when I went to look for street date-breaking Last Jedi merch (I didn’t find any…). The asking price on this X-Wing MicroKite was slashed all the way down to a buck, so I thought “why not?” Not sure if I’ll ever use it, but if not, it’ll be a fun thing to pull out of a Star Wars bin full of Star Wars-themed magazines, party favors, and school supplies in 10 years or something.

Force Awakens Folders

IMG_0094At least I think these are from The Force Awakens. They’re certainly not Last Jedi product, so I’m guessing they were designed for this season’s Back to School sales window, and hastily so judging by the questionable font/text choices. I actually sorta hate these, but they features Star Wars images, so I was compelled to buy them, especially at sixty cents apiece.

Autographed Star Wars Stern Pinball Machine Flyer

IMG_0111 2

My brother Jason went to the Star Wars Pinball Party and Toy Store event at Logan Arcade in Chicago last Friday night and was nice enough to grab me this Stern Star Wars Limited Edition table info sheet signed by Stern’s Steve Ritchie! You can find more info on the table here, but it looks amazing and I can’t wait to make the trip into Logan Arcade to scope it out.

IMG_0112 2