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Life Day Season Comes to a Close (Boba, Please Come Home) – The Blockade Runner Podcast #203

In our final episode before The Book of Boba Fett debuts, Ryan and John discuss the progress of the #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse movement, Book of Boba Fett news (including the revelation that the trailers only show footage from the first half of the first episode), and a new Han and Chewie series from Marvel. We finish up the show proper with John’s early impressions of Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge.

After we sign off, we include a Spider-Man: No Way Home *spoiler-filled* discussion so be sure to avoid that if you haven’t yet seen the film.


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Solo Reactions Podcasts!

Solo Shows

We’ve posted two Solo reactions shows this week, both linked below.

Solo: Immediate First Reactions:

The first features our immediate reactions after seeing the movie on opening night. All of the Blockade Runners located here in Illinois headed out to a local bar after seeing the movie and recorded our first impressions.


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Highs & Lows: Solo Reactions #2

Ryan joins John to discuss his feelings about Solo after two viewings. We go through Ryan’s highs and lows and find some common ground between our two pretty different takes on the movie. Ryan also shares his Alamo Drafthouse screening of Solo and his run through the Millennium Falcon Experience.


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Emergency Han Solo Standalone News Show – The Blockade Runner Podcast – June 20th, 2017

Han Solo Emergency ArtJoin John and Ryan as they discuss the shocking news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are leaving the Han Solo standalone as well as the apparent difficulty in finding the right creative leadership and vibe for Star Wars movies that aren’t quite Star Wars movies.

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