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Star Wars at SDCC 2019 – The Blockade Runner Podcast #114


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This year’s San Diego Comic Con didn’t feature a Rise of Skywalker panel, but there still ended up being quite a few fun Star Wars panels and announcements coming out of the show. We open up the show with some discussion of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts panel and Kevin Smith’s story about a mysterious Episode IX set before spending the remainder of the episode breaking down the Hasbro and publishing panels.

Not gonna lie, this episode ended up being a nightmare to finish and publish due to some unfortunate technology mishaps and as a result the sound had to be pulled straight from the Skype recording. The quality if noticeably lower than usual, but also still fine (in my opinion). Next week’s episode should be back to our normal sound quality. Oh, and video is back too if you prefer to watch/listen through YouTube.



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