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The Blockade Runner Podcast Episode 18 – Catching Up With Chris on Rebels and Rogue One


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Show Notes:

Chris joins John to discuss his recent viewing of Rebels season 2 and 3 before we chat about his skepticism regarding Rogue One and Star Wars stand-alones in general. This may not be our most evergreen podcast as Rogue One releases in less than 24 hours here in the States, but if you need something to help you pass the time before it does, give this one a listen. Most of us are SUPER EXCITED for Rogue One, but Chris’s concerns are thoughtful, interesting, and also hopefully SUPER WRONG!

Fair warning, there are a few minor issues w/ sound quality on this one, but nothing major. The 2 or 3 minute intro was recorded on an iPhone and is kinda too loud (sorry) and there’s a bit of echo on some of the main track. I cleaned it up a bit, but I figured this one doesn’t have too long of a shelf-life, so I’d better get it out asap!