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Blockade Runner Podcast T-Shirts Are Here!

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We have a Blockade Runner Podcast t-shirt shop and it’s live at!

New Shirt

As of now we just have our basic show logo available as a design option, but I’m hoping to possibly add one or two more in the future. That being said, we have no intention of going into the Star Wars novelty/parody/unofficial merch business, so if/when we add any more, they’ll still just be shirts featuring our logo or name in some form.

Which brings me to why we decided to go with a Threadless Artist Shop. There are a bunch of great options out there for custom shirts (in fact, our other podcast has a TeePublic site), but I love that the Threadless shop lets us strip out any potential profit for the show so we can offer the shirts as inexpensively as possible. We’re not trying to earn any money on the shirts anyway, so being able to sell a custom Blockade Runner shirt for as little as $10 is the ideal scenario in this case.

Our listening audience is small and demand for Blockade Runner products isn’t exactly high, but it’ll be fun for us to have some Blockade Runner gear available. Our real purpose in building the shop is just to have an easy way of buying a bit of merch for ourselves to promote the show/wear around Celebrations or maybe to give away once in a while. Check out the shop and let us know what you think, and if you do end up picking up a shirt, definitely let us know via Twitter or email!

Author: John

I talk about Nintendo games at the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast and Star Wars at The Blockade Runner. Interests: Being a dad, eating vegan food, punk rock. Twitter = ArcadeGhost Miiverse = ghostinthearcade Email =

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