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Seeing The Last Jedi at The Alamo Drafthouse

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This morning we saw The Last Jedi at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, Colorado and as I’ve mentioned before, seeing Star Wars at the Alamo rules.

Right when you walk in, you’re treated to this amazing AT-ST. There is Star Wars music playing on the sound system. When you find your seats, there is a special menu on the table.

The 30-minute pre-show, as expected, was amazing as well, the highlights being weird Star Wars promotional commercials from the 70s and 80s. All the typical Alamo promos, from their no-talking policy reminder to the feature presentation clip were Star Wars-themed as well.

As for the movie itself? Well, you can listen to our thoughts here.

Leaving the showing, there were tables set up selling vintage Star Wars figures to browse, and some 501st troopers were posing with fans.

I also picked up the Mondo / Birth. Movies. Death. glasses and magazine I had ordered with my tickets back in October.

Seeing Star Wars at Alamo is just the best.

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