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The Blockade Runner Podcast – March 29th, 2017 – Rogue One Bonus Features, Revisions, and Deleted Scenes

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Show Notes:

Ryan, Dan, and John discuss Rogue One‘s home video bonus features as well as some of the revisions and deleted scenes first covered in Anthony Breznican’s stories. Watch or listen using the link’s below!

Links: links:

Rogue One Revisions

Alternate Ending Revealed

Bonus Vader Scene

Jyn Erso’s Mother Was A Slain Jedi

Riz Ahmed Almost Played a Madman Engineer Named Bokan

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I talk about Nintendo games at the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast and Star Wars at The Blockade Runner. Interests: Being a dad, eating vegan food, punk rock. Twitter = ArcadeGhost Miiverse = ghostinthearcade Email =

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