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Japanese Force Awakens Merchandise

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My good friend Kevin lives in Japan and was kind enough to take some pictures of Force Awakens promotional materials and merchandise he had come across!

First off, a clothing store called NewYorker released a catalog showcasing their new Star Wars-themed line of Fancy Adult Wear.





It’s a pretty dang cool line; you can see more on their online store!

Hardcore Star Wars collectors are no doubt familiar with the company Hot Toys and their incredible high-end character replicas. Here’s the cover of their 2016 catalog:


Next up, a mini-Kylo Ren helmet replica from Bandai:


Apparently Konami made a Star Wars mobile game?


In the theater, there was all sorts of fun stuff, like these cups:


Movie programs are a Japanese movie theater tradition.


The Falcon cover was the “Standard” edition program, and the BB-8 one was the special “Memorial” cover for 12/19. There were also special covers for 12/18 and 12/20!

And finally, here’s Kevin’s ticket:


Ticket price was 2000 yen, which is about $16.50 going by current exchange rates.

Thanks Kevin!!

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